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What the Pros Use - Paul 'Superman' Coll

This week I'm incredibly lucky to have chatted to Paul Coll, who took time out of his busy schedule to provide me with some great info.

Superman has rocketed up the rankings over the last couple of years, regularly occupying the top 10 in the PSA world rankings. Known for being one of the toughest trainers off court, he's taken speed, strength and athleticism to a whole new level. When he steps on court, you know you're in for a hard night!

Check out Paul's squash heroes too. I've been chopped by one of them and been scared senseless by the other ;-)

Name: Paul Coll

Highest World Ranking: No 8

Biggest Achievements: Commonwealth games silver medal

Coach: Tommy Berden

Racket Sponsor: Eye Rackets

Racket Models (Squash/Racketball): Eye Rackets V-lite 115

String Sponsor: Eye Rackets

String Model: Black Eye X-Tech 1.25mm

String Tension (average): 22lbs (10kgs)

How often do you break strings?: 1 per week

Hero squash player(s): Lee Beachill and Rodney Eyles

Describe your playing style in 3 words: Fast, Strong, Accurate

What do you like about the current strings you use? I like the black strings but I’m currently switching to the Eye X-Tech Green 1.25mm as I feel they are softer and have more feel.

If you could change anything about your game, what would you change? Severity in my hitting and attacking

What do you get up to when not on the squash court? Training somewhere else.

If you weren’t a pro squash player, what would you do for a job? Some sort of professional sport. Either Crossfit golf or Rugby league

Who do you buddy up with most on tour? Diego Elias / Cambo Grayson and of course Nele Gilis!

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