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UNSQUASHABLE Tour-Tec Pro 1.18 Neon Yellow

Each season, various string manufacturers will ask me to test prototype strings. This includes how the string feels to string with, texture, elasticity when stringing (so I can gauge appropriate tension ranges for power/control), the string's characteristics in certain situations, such as playing off the side wall, hitting the ball with pace, cutting the ball in for a drop shot and durability for example. Once I've tested the string, along with other players from club player to professional standard, I collate the feedback and provide it to the manufacturer.

So, this is where it gets a little different with Unsquashable's Tour-Tec Pro. The original natural coloured string is already widely used by Unsquashable Pros and, having strung with it a few times and tested it previously, I can vouch for how well it plays. However, I found that I there was a lack in non Unsquashable players requesting it. The main reason was most likely down to the colour. Your average squash player is more vain than you'd think, with many players opting for bright colours over natural/clear strings. Most flagship strings come in bright colours, to differentiate themselves from other manufactures.

Miles Jenkins, the No2 seed for the tournament, was the first person to have the new Tour-Tec Pro string. Initially he was only going to test instead of use for matches until he was used to it. After a brief hit on tour, Miles decided to play with it in his Semi-Final, and he liked it so much that he decided to trust it in the final against the No1 seed. His trust was well placed and he ran out a 3-0 winner. So, he was the first player to have the new string put in his racket, and the first player to play/win a PSA with it too!

What were Miles' thoughts on the string:

  • Looks great

  • Feels a little different to the original string

  • Feel was very good and he was especially impressed with how well he could cut the ball

  • No loss in power from the original string

  • No durability issues (well, it didn't break over the weekend, and Miles can hit the ball pretty hard)!

  • He's looking forward to this being his new 'go-to' string.

I also strung a few other players rackets over the weekend, including Johnny Harford's racket. Johnny is the really tall, super nice, head coach at Wycliffe College - one of the planet's premier school squash academy's. Johnny more or less echoed Miles' thoughts, adding that he loved the sound it made off his strings, which added to the crisp feel of the string.

My thoughts... I was secretly pretty excited about this string before it came out as I really liked the original Tour-Tec Pro 1.18, just not the colour. I think this is a great string, and a good option for those looking for something a bit different to Tecnifibre and RAB Sensor Fibre. It feels a little different from the original. Not quite as soft, but that's not necessarily a bad thing as I feel the accuracy has improved and the power is still readily available. I tested the string in match play last night in one of my Eye X.Lite 125's and it felt great at 24lbs. Lots of accuracy and plenty of cut on the ball.

In short, highly recommended.


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