Squash String Review - The Top Strings

There are a lot of strings on the market at the moment, including a few new entrants, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss the strings I string with and use the most. These are my opinions and I’m sure others may have a different view, but hopefully they'll give you a bit of guidance. The strings I’m reviewing are all multifilament strings (or Line & Twine in Ashaway’s world). Multifilament strings are used by pretty much all pros and most players who play competitive squash, with the exception of a small minority who may use natural gut. Tecnifibre 305 This is the flag bearer string for TF. The string that set the wheels in motion for TF to become the top multifilament squ

Tennis - The Right String Set Up

As I’m about to restring my 100th tennis racket since tennis was restarted during COVID19, I thought it would be good to write some thoughts and observations down, which will hopefully be useful for players, coaches and stringers. I include details on: Over Tensioning String Set Up String Set Up for Juniors Injury Prevention (arm) Spin/Power/Control set ups As an ERSA Master Professional Stringer, I take pride in every restring, regardless of the racket sport. I like to learn as much as I can about new techniques and improve my skills at every opportunity. You can also learn a great deal from seeing what’s not done correctly. From looking at some of the rackets that have been given to me to

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