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Questions Before Restringing!

All stringers should ask a series of questions before stringing a player’s rackets, though the best stringers will be able to find the right setup, even in the most complex scenarios. The best stringers will also have enough options in stock to back up their choices. There is nothing worse in my mind than seeing players at a club who all have the same strings at the same tension in their rackets. The stringer presuming that their favourite string (or the one they get a special price on) will suit all! It happens a lot. It’s poor practice.

So before you get your racket restrung, why not try asking yourself the questions that your stringer should be asking you:

  • What’s your playing style (be honest)?

  • What are you hoping to gain? More power, more control, spin/cut etc.

  • Any strings/tension you’ve got on with (or haven’t)?

  • What's most important? Performance, durability... or both?

  • Any arm issues? This will have a big influence on string type and tension.

  • Colour. Is the look of your racket important?

  • Do you know what type of machine the racket is normally strung on? This may influence tension choice.

There are other questions that can be asked, though these are the main points I normally build from. Armed with this information, the stringer will be able to work out what’s best.

If you give these questions some consideration, it will help your stringer greatly and, most importantly, you! So next time you need your racket restrung, don’t just think of colour, tension and 'the same as I’ve always had' or 'what the other players use'. You may be missing out on a game changing setup. Wondering why you can’t keep the ball straight or you keep hitting out? It may be more than just your technique.

Thanks for reading!



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