End Of Year Stringing Stats (Squash)!

This year I've strung somewhere in the region of 750 - 800 rackets, with around 500+ being squash rackets. As I've strung a few rackets, across most brands, I've compiled some data which hopefully you'll find interesting! Firstly, let's start with the the most popular string manufacturer... Tecnifibre is the most popular string manufacturer, with over 50% of rackets I've strung now containing TF strings, with Ashaway being the closest. The most popular TF string model being 305 1.20, followed by Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro. In 3rd Place we have Tecnifibre X-One Biphase which is making a resurgence since the new orange model came out (it also seems to be a lot more durable than the previous r

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