The Perfect String

When somebody asks me to string a racket for them, I don't simply take their racket and put my choice of string/tension in it. Often I'll know the player, meaning that it's a bit easier to advise as I'll know how they hit the ball, their general style of play, how much cut/spin they use or whether or not they struggle with power, for example. This can aid me in helping them choose the best string type and tension. It gets more tricky when I don't know the player... and especially if they give me a racket that's still got the original factory strings in it. So, I generally go through a check list: 1) Ask if they like how the current strings play - can be a starting point 2) Ask if they've tr

Creative String Patterns

Since I've been stringing, I've developed an appreciation for the hard work that goes into stringing certain rackets. It's fair to say that some are very easy to string and others... not so straightforward! There are a few interesting string patterns on squash rackets, with Prince PowerRing, Tecnifibre Dynergy and a few manufacturers adopting 'fan' patterns (where a single grommet at the bottom is used to thread 2 mains before fanning out into a single grommet a the top). Racketball racket designers, however, seem to have cornered the market in creative design, with some crazy ideas being put to paper and seemingly signed off for production without a second thought from the 'powers that be'.

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