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Player Profile - Daryl 'Bobby Dazzler' Selby

For my first lock down Player Profile, I bring you... Daryl 'Bobby Dazzler' Selby!

I've bumped into Daryl at a few tournaments over the years and always had a quick chat with him. Like many other top pros in the game, Daryl is highly approachable and more than happy to chat with the fans. Genuinely one of my favourite players to watch and speak with. Also has some good taste in squash kit, strings and had tiger print shirts long before 'Tiger King' was a thing!

Coming from a family of super talented pro squash players and coaches (Lauren, Elliot and dad, Paul) Daryl reached a career high World No 9 in one of the most competitive eras for squash. Daryl is one of the absolute best players to watch from a neutral perspective due to his racket skills and will to please the crowd. It's also well worth checking out 'Bobby and the Wolf' (with Nick Matthew) and 'Comments from the Couch' (with Cam Pilley). Some of the most amusing squash conversations you'll ever listen too.

So... here's the interview:

Name - Daryl Selby aka Bobby Dazzler

HWR - 9

Biggest Achievement - British Champ 2011, World Team Junior Champion 2000, World Team Senior Champion 2013

Coach - Me!

Racket Sponsor - Black Knight

Racket Model - Hex Maverick Custom Selby

Shoe (used to be) sponsor - Mizuno

Shoe model - Wave Hurricane blue/orange or white/yellow/black

String sponsor - Ashaway

String - Ultra Nick 18 (best string there is!)

Tension - 28lbs

How often do you break strings - not often believe it or not but I don’t play that much! Probably 4-6 a year

Clothing sponsor - 305 Squash

What do I like about the current strings - mix of power and cut. Ball feels beautiful off those strings!

When on tour what can’t you be without - my mobile phone

Hero squash players - Amr Shabana, Peter Nicol, Brett Martin

Playing style in 3 words - wristy, committed, smooth

Favourite shot - topspin or through the legs

Change something about my game - forehand front corner

Advice for juniors - play with a smile, try new things, never give up

When not on the squash court - family, work or golf!

If I wasn’t a pro squash player - a pro in a different sport

Buddy on tour - used to be Pete Barker until he retired. Nowadays I get on well with most players but hang out with the English boys mostly, Ben Coleman, Dec James, Adrian Waller, Tom Richards etc

Funny stories - mostly involving back wall boasts, check out the Comments from the Couch podcast with Cameron Pilley where we get some good stories in!

Pay to watch - Shabana, Ramy, Power all for different reasons!

Hardest hitter - was of course my good mate Pistol Pilley but now maybe Omar Mosaad?

Any super fan stories? Haha not sure I’ve got any super fans! I enjoy chatting to people about squash and the beauty of our sport is that all the top guys and girls are approachable

Any fashion mistakes... tiger tops ;-) - Ha my Tiger top was fantastic! Probably would have been better now off the back of Tiger King! I like to try and push boundaries and not afraid to wear some controversial stuff for entertainment factor. My fashion sense has definitely improved from when I was younger though, was awful as a teenager, some horror photos from back in the day!


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