The Perfect String Setup?

Racket and string choice, as with all sporting equipment, is highly subjective. Whilst there are certain rackets on the market which are far more popular than others, string choice is often a lot more personal. Many players will have a favourite string/tension which they stay with for years, often panicking when they take the leap of faith to purchase a new style of racket, worrying if their tried and tested string/tension will stack up on the new frame! What suits one person, may not suit another. I've been doing some research and used data from Squash Stories, an online squash forum with some of the most fanatical fans and squash nuts around, as well as from some of the players I string fo

What the Pros Use - Nick Taylor

Nick was one of the players I really looked up to when I was on the Junior scene back in the 80's/90's. Always popular (especially up North!), I loved his style of play and enthusiasm for the game. Nick reached a world ranking of 14, in an incredibly competitive era of squash! A couple of weeks ago, Nick defended his World Masters title, winning the O45's category.... so he can still mix it as a player! Nick now makes waves (not literally of course) in Boston, US, where he is the Director of Coaching at Infinitum Squash - a really cool squash setup which Nick has been part of since it's inception. Prior to moving to the States, Nick did an unbelievable job of developing squash in Jersey, whe

What the Pros Use - Nilo Vidal (WR 298)

Having returned from Spain this week, I wanted to provide a profile for one of Spain's top up and coming professional players, Nilo Vidal. I caught up with Nilo whilst my son was at Barcelona Global Squash a couple of weeks ago. Having known Nilo for a couple of years, I can tell you that there aren't many players around with as much enthusiasm and joy for the game as him! Having only recently entered the pro ranks, since graduating from the juniors last year, Nilo currently sits around the top 300. He's had a few tough qualifying draws, but is hopeful that he'll get a bit of luck soon and have a fair crack a tournament. For anybody who's read Nick Matthew's book 'sweating blood', they'll ha

What the Pros Use - Peter Creed (WR 53)

This weeks profile is on Mr PVD Creed. Peter is a seriously fast mover around the court and despite being smaller in stature than most, he's big on personality and is incredibly well liked and respected on the PSA tour. When not on the squash court playing or coaching, he works on a squash fashion line called PS Wear which he co-founded Peter plays for one of my old clubs, Rhiwbina (Cardiff, Wales), in the Welsh Premier League, when not touring the world and soaking up the sites. Peter is actually running a couple of camps (Jnr and adult) this summer at the club - well worth getting in touch with Pete for more info (see contact details on attached flyer)! Name: Peter Vincent

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