Xmas Stringing with Saint Nicholas!

Ok, so I wasn't really stringing with Santa this weekend, I was stringing with Nick Down, the world's most qualified Squash Stringer and stringer to 18 World No 1 squash players - including Ramy, Jahangir Khan , Nicol David, James Willstrop and Mohamed El Shorbagy. Getting to string with the worlds best this weekend was very much like getting an early Christmas present! Nick and I were stringing at the Sumner Malik charity event in Birmingham, with some of the top Pros in the world giving their time to train and hit with players from around the country who were willing to donate money to charity, in celebration of Sumner's life and love for squash - a hugely worthwhile cause! As a Master Pro

All The Strings, Rackets and Tensions! Restringing In 2018

With the year nearly over, I thought it would be a good opportunity to provide a fairly detailed insight into this year’s squash stringing for the String Doctor... So here you go! By New Year’s Eve, I think I will have restrung north of 700 rackets in total this year. I’ve already strung around 450 squash rackets and nearly 200 tennis, badminton and racketball rackets. With 3 weeks and a tournament at Edgbaston Priory to come in December, there’s no let up! The data I’ve used is based on exactly what’s been strung, so it’s a completely accurate reflection of my activity. I stock most top strings, from many manufacturers, and have no allegiances. There are strings that I prefer over others, b

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