Customising Rackets - What's it all about?

There are a number of reasons why people buy rackets, be it squash, tennis, racketball or badminton. They buy based on a number of factors, including: How it looks How it feels (weight, balance, grip) Which Pro uses it A brief trial with their friend’s racket Because their current/old racket has broken or is on the way out! How many people actually receive a new racket which plays nothing like what they thought it would, based on their reasons for buying it in the first place? It’s not uncommon in Tennis for decent rackets to be sold unstrung, with manufacturers aware that the discerning player would most likely rip the original/factory strings out anyway. Tennis players will often use lead

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This week has been a pretty cool week for me as I discovered the ‘Time Lapse’ feature on my iPhone XS. I had a bit of fun playing around with it whilst stringing. Ideal for providing a (very) quick video demo without boring people to death! I’ve averaged 3 rackets per night so far this week (racketball, squash, tennis and badminton), with the number looking to exceed 30 for the week with me stringing at a tournament this weekend. There have been some interesting sites! For those who know me, I’m a stickler for presentation and accuracy. Some of the common mistakes I’ve encountered this week with rackets provided by new customers include: A new model Nick Matthew racket which had been strung

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