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What the Pros Use - Mike Harris (National Racketball Champ & PSA Pro)

In the first of a series of interviews with professional players, I am delighted to share the profile of Mike Harris. Mike is a teammate of mine (though considerably better than me) and full time Squash & Racketball Professional at Exeter Golf & Country Club, Devon. I also string Mike's rackets for him!

Mike has built a strong reputation as a Coach, helping to rapidly grow the junior, senior and women's game in the South West, whilst still managing several strong PSA performances, when time allows. Mike is the reigning National Racketball Champ having successfully defended his title this weekend!


Mike Harris

Highest World Ranking


Biggest Achievements

Finalist of the Jersey Classic and Sutton Coldfield PSA Opens in the last 12 months, 5 x Devon Squash Senior County Champion, 2 x (and reigning) National Racketball Champion


Paul Smith

Racket Sponsor


Racket Models (Squash/Racketball)

Squash - Karakal S Pro Elite FF

Racketball - Karakal CRX Pro Racket

String Sponsor:


String Model

Squash - Karakal Hot Zone 120 (black)

Racketball - Hot Zone but also trialling a new Karakal Racketball string

String Tension

27lbs Squash

32lbs Racketball

Describe your playing style in 3 words

Ambitious, Positive, Creative

What do you like about the current strings you use?:

I feel like I get a lot of control from them both while hitting the ball flat and also when cutting down on the shot. They are also surprisingly durable for the amount of usage I put them through.

If you could change anything about your game, what would you change?

I would like to improve my shot selection, not so much to become a passive/negative player but when I get the chances to attack I can then choose a more sensible shot!

What do you get up to when not on the squash court?

Drink copious amounts of coffee!

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