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What the Pros Use - Peter Creed (WR 53)

This weeks profile is on Mr PVD Creed. Peter is a seriously fast mover around the court and despite being smaller in stature than most, he's big on personality and is incredibly well liked and respected on the PSA tour. When not on the squash court playing or coaching, he works on a squash fashion line called PS Wear which he co-founded

Peter plays for one of my old clubs, Rhiwbina (Cardiff, Wales), in the Welsh Premier League, when not touring the world and soaking up the sites. Peter is actually running a couple of camps (Jnr and adult) this summer at the club - well worth getting in touch with Pete for more info (see contact details on attached flyer)!

Name: Peter Vincent David Creed

Highest World Rank: 53 (as of Aug 2018)

Biggest Achievement: Jonah asking me to come to Millfield School

Coach: Rod Martin and Dave Evans

Racket Sponsor: Head

Racket Model: Radical 135

String Sponsor: Ashaway

String Model: Powernick 18

String Tension: 28/27lbs

How Often Do You Break Strings: Weekly

What Do You Like About The Strings You Use? Great mixture of power and control

Hero Squash Player(s): Jonah Barrington and Jonathan Power

Describe Your Playing Style In 3 Words: Creative, Hearty and Dynamic

If You Could Change Anything About Your Game, What Would It Be? Becoming more consistent and about 4 inches taller!!!

What Do You Get Up To When Not On The Squash Court? I eat out a lot, enjoy a glass of wine and play a bit of golf. Love spending time with people close to me.

If You Weren't A Pro Squash Player, What Would You Do For A Job? Politician in the EU or a Formula 1 Driver (not enough money in F1, Creedy, stick to squash!)

Who Do You Buddy Up With Most On Tour? Jaycocks, RMS (Rodney Martin Squash) squad and Tez

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