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What the Pros Use - Nick Taylor

Nick was one of the players I really looked up to when I was on the Junior scene back in the 80's/90's. Always popular (especially up North!), I loved his style of play and enthusiasm for the game. Nick reached a world ranking of 14, in an incredibly competitive era of squash! A couple of weeks ago, Nick defended his World Masters title, winning the O45's category.... so he can still mix it as a player!

Nick now makes waves (not literally of course) in Boston, US, where he is the Director of Coaching at Infinitum Squash - a really cool squash setup which Nick has been part of since it's inception. Prior to moving to the States, Nick did an unbelievable job of developing squash in Jersey, where he introduced thousands of kids and adults (this time this is literally the case) to the game. Nick has produced some really talented junior players, including his son, Charlie.

Player Name: Nick Taylor

Highest World Rank: 14

Biggest Achievement: I have a few: beat Rodney Eyles first round of the 1998 US Open, he was world #1 and World Champion at the time... I went on to reach the semi-finals that year in Boston... I have always had fond memories of Boston and now live here!

Coach: John Le Lievre... one the best coaches ever, one of the only players to beat Jahangir Khan... I also saw DP later in my career

Racket Sponsor: HEAD

Racket Model: Radical 135SB

String Sponsor: RAB

String Type: Sensorfibre

String Tension: 28IBS

How Often Do You Break Strings: not often now but when a pro probably wear through them every 7-10 days.

What Do You Like About The Strings You Use: The playability and quality of the string, in my opinion, is the best on the market.

Hero Squash Player(s): Absolutely loads: BUT Jonah Barrington (he coached me) Jahangir Khan, Nick Matthew are the 3 that first come into my head!

Describe Your Playing Style: Good technical principles which help me move well and be tactically very good.

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Game, What Would It Be? Nothing now, BUT I wish I had the technical and tactical game, that I now have, in my early professional days!

What Do You Get Up To When Not On The Squash Court? Spending time with my family, play golf and renovate my new house in Boston

If You Weren't A Squash Professional, What Would You Do For A Job? I would be involved in property, I love renovating house!

When On Tour, Who Did You Buddy Up With? David Evans from Wales mainly, but also spent a lot of time of tour with Lee Beechill and James Willstrop (when James was new on tour!)

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