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What the Pros Use - Nilo Vidal (WR 298)

Having returned from Spain this week, I wanted to provide a profile for one of Spain's top up and coming professional players, Nilo Vidal. I caught up with Nilo whilst my son was at Barcelona Global Squash a couple of weeks ago. Having known Nilo for a couple of years, I can tell you that there aren't many players around with as much enthusiasm and joy for the game as him!

Having only recently entered the pro ranks, since graduating from the juniors last year, Nilo currently sits around the top 300. He's had a few tough qualifying draws, but is hopeful that he'll get a bit of luck soon and have a fair crack a tournament. For anybody who's read Nick Matthew's book 'sweating blood', they'll have read about Nick being given a wild card into the Catalunya Open, which gave him a springboard up the pro rankings. Nilo reached the final of the same event as an 18 year old last year!

Nilo is also the only pro I've heard of who can make a set of strings last for a month! He can hit the ball too!

Name: Nilo Vidal

Highest World Rank: 298

Biggest Achievement: Winning Spanish U19 Champs, RU in Euro's with Spain U19's and reach the final of the Catalunya Open.

Coach: Victor Monserrat

Racket Sponsor: Oliver

Racket Model: Power Boost 7.0

String Sponsor: Oliver

String Model: SQ-X9 (black)

String Tension: 24lbs mains and 23lbs crosses

How Often Do You Break Strings: Monthly!

What Do You Like About The Strings You Use? Great durability and control (used to use TF 305, but very happy with these strings)

Hero Squash Player(s): James Willstrop - similar height and stature and I try to emulate James' style too

Describe Your Playing Style In 3 Words: Powerful, Skilful, Crazy!

What Do You Get Up To When Not On The Squash Court? Every other sport I can try! Really enjoy climbing and spending lots of time with friends and family

If You Weren't A Pro Squash Player, What Would You Do For A Job? An Engineer probably, currently studying.

Who Do You Buddy Up With Most On Tour? Bart Wijnhoven, Sanjay Jeeva and Gloria (mum)

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