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Eye Rackets/Shoes - What's Your Favourite?

Eye are one of the most innovative rackets brands on the market, producing edgy, and sometimes divisive products, for players who want something different. Some people buy into the concept of having a racket without a bumper, or a pair of shoes that are bright pink, others don't. That's fine. Everybody has a choice to make and it's great to have the option to choose equipment which strays from normal convention.

The aim of Eye was, and still is, to produce the type of equipment that pros may use. For example, there are several pro squash players who shave off the bumper strips (and sometimes even the frame) on their rackets to allow rackets to glide off the walls and also to reduce weight and drag. Of course sometimes rackets break, but having played and coached squash for over 30 years, Eye stack up as well as any other top manufacturer in my view.

Yes, I am an Eye affiliate so it may look like I'm a little biased, but I willingly moved away from another top manufacturer to join Eye. I had several choices, but I love what Eye stands for. Having been with Eye for nearly 3 years, I thought it would be good to share with you the choices people have made over the last year when buying from me.

I have sold all the products; rackets, shoes, bags, strings and even caps. For now though, I'll share with you the most popular shoe colours and rackets that people have bought. The data is from more than 100 rackets and around 150 shoes ordered through me in the last 12 months. With the new range of kit coming out as we speak, it'll be interesting to see next year's trends!

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