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What The Pros Use - Millie Tomlinson (WR 22)

This month's player profile comes courtesy of Millie Tomlinson, currently ranked No 22 in the world! Millie likes to play at a fast pace and on her day is capable of causing some big upsets, most notably beating, arguably the greatest female squash player of the modern era (and one of my all time favourite players), Nicol David, towards the back end of 2018,

As a professional stringer, its always useful to gain some knowledge on what the pro players are stringing their rackets with and the general setup. It helps us to gauge what works well in certain rackets. Millie, for example, uses Ashaway PowerNick, strung at 27lbs, in her Dunlop squash racket. This may seem fairly high for the type of racket, though I have stated a few times that Ashaway PoiwerNick probably perform at their best when strung at mid - high tension. they have a knack of allowing you to access power when you hit the sweet spot and great control when needed.

I'd normally recommend a range of 22lbs - 26lbs for most strings, with PowerNick and Karakal's Hot Zone being the exception, with high tensions working better, and not producing the 'spaghetti string' effect!

Thanks for your help, Millie, we hope to see you breaking into the top 20 very soon!!!

Name - Millie Tomlinson

Highest Ranking - 22

Biggest Achievements - Beating Nicol David, won a couple of 15k events and won the European individual champs!

Coach - Tania Bailey

Racket Sponsor - Dunlop

String Sponsor - Ashaway

Kit Sponsor - 305

Shoe Sponsor - pdhsports

String Model and Tension - Ashaway PowerNick at 27lbs

Other Sponsors - England Squash, Squash Travel, Dentisan

How often do you break strings? - I break strings about once a month

Describe your playing style in 3 words - Gritty, Consistent, Fast-paced

What do you like about your strings? - I like that my strings are very durable, but still offer a good amount of control

What would you change about your game? - I would improve my attacking game

When not on the squash court, what do you get up to? - I watch squash.... Joking! I love running. Other than that I read, cook, see friends, go out on day trips.. the usual.

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