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Eye Rackets - Tips for Stringing

Having spent a couple of years stringing Eye rackets, I've learnt that there's a quick way, a slow way and the right way to string them. Rather th​​an waiting until the end of the blog to tell you how long it takes to string them, I'll say now. Approx 1 - 2 minutes longer than a comparably patterned racket with a generic bumper/grommet setup.

For anybody who hasn't restrung an Eye racket before, or gets frustrated with them, they need a little extra attention as they don’t have conventional grommet/bumper strips. They have ‘eyelets’ instead, which can fall out and be lost when pulling out the old strings. I string loads of Eye rackets and have also taken notes and instruction from Nick Down, who worked with Eye a year or so ago on some instructional videos. It’s definitely worth looking at the below tips if you string squash rackets. You can also buy replacement eyelets very cheaply from Eye (or I can get for you along with any of the other Eye kit) which you can also use on other rackets to repair.

The Dessouky racket shown is strung using an around the world technique (crosses top to bottom),the correct way to string a racket with 14 mains where the usual main tie off's are at the throat.

So, a few tips:

Cut the old strings the usual way (diagonal through middle cross and mains)

Pull the old strings out a little (bit not fully out)

Use clippers to snip the loops on outside

Pull the string from the inside of the racket to prevent the eyelets from falling out

If any eyelets are not flat against the frame where the bumper strip normally sits, trim the edges with snippers. This keeps the strings in the groove of the frame, so they’re not exposed

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