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What The Pros Use - Sarah-Jane Perry (WR 8)

This week's player profile is brought to you courtesy of SJP, one of the PSA tour's most exciting players. Thanks, SJ, for taking the time to answer my questions.

SJ plays with passion and flair, using her physicality to get on the ball early and move her opponents around. Coached by Rob Owen, SJ mixes with a great squad of players and you can really see Rob's influence on her squash

She also breaks a few strings... though not as many since switching rackets from Prince to UNSQUASHABLE recently. In fact, SJ even has her very own new signature bat, complete with Pink details, so definitely a plus point!

Name: Sarah-Jane Perry (SJP)

Highest World Ranking: 6

Biggest Achievements: World Team Champions 2014, British Open Final 2017, British National Champion 2015, losing the weight I gained at uni!

Coach: Rob Owen

Racket Sponsor: UNSQUASHABLE

Racket Model: SJP Autograph

String Sponsor: UNSQUASHABLE

String Model: Tour-Tec Pro 1.18

String Tension (average): 26-27 lbs

How often do you break strings? 1-2 times per week

Style or Substance with your racket/strings (or both)? Balance > weight over string playability > style

Favourite shot: Backhand fan (topspin) volley

What shot would you ban from the game? None, more creative shots is better!!

Hero squash players: James Willstrop

Describe your playing style in 3 words: Attacking, varied, unique

What do you like about the current strings you use? Great power and feel without comprising on durability

If you could change anything about your game, what would you change? Have ultimate mental control!

What do you get up to when not on the squash court? I spend most of my time cooking, eating, drinking coffee and with my family and friends.

If you weren’t a pro squash player, what would you do for a job? My degree is Engineering and Business but probably something more towards the business side.

Who do you buddy up with most on tour? I usually room with Alison Waters.

What's your favourite tournament and why? The British Open is very special but for venue and atmosphere I love Tournament of Champions in New York

What's the best advice you could give to an aspiring player looking to turn pro? Everyone has their own strengths, play to yours and don't compare yourself to others. Play how you want to play as ultimately if you enjoy it, it makes it a lot easier.

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