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What the Pros Use - Peter O'Hara (British O40's Champ)

This week's profile is on Peter O'Hara. Although not a current pro, Peter is a multiple Scottish National Champ, ex Scotland No 3 and hero firefighter. In fact, Peter actually compiled his profile for me whilst on a break from putting out a level 2 grass fire. #WhatAGuy

For those who don't know Peter, he has more sponsors than a formula 1 car, including my own sponsor, Eye Rackets, and is a big promoter of junior squash and trying to make squash accessible and appealing to all, especially in underrepresented communities. Peter is a family man and a straight talker, not afraid to speak his mind!

Name: Peter O'Hara

Highest ranking: Ex Scotland No 3, 2 X British O40's Champ and 7 x Scotland age group champ

Coach: My Dad!

Racket Sponsor: Eye Rackets

Racket Model: Eye Shabana X-Lite 120 Control

String Sponsor: Ashaway

String Model: Supernick XL Micro

Other Sponsors: TrionZ, Trusox

String Tension (average): 26lbs

How often do you break strings? Every week (I play a lot of squash!)

What do you like about the current strings you use? Beautiful feel and durable

Describe your playing style in 3 words: Attacking, Hard, Nick-Hunter!

Who are your squash heroes? Rodney Martin, Chris Dittmar, Costas Yarrow and my Dad

If you could change anything about your game, what would you change? Would look at alternative fitness methods, but style of play is hard to play against (so wouldn't change the style)!

What do you get up to when not on the squash court? Putting out fires and looking after the family

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